Why is Art Important?

Why is Art Important?

Art is such a broad term to encompass so many things in our lives. Art is intertwined in our day to day, on so many different levels. Art creates a meaningful life and without it, we would miss out on so much.

It can be easy to forget how much our lives are influenced by art. The music we listen to, the movies we watch, the books we read, the hobbies we engage in. Think if you went through a day without visual art; no magazines, no tv, no movies, no looking at fashion or videos on your phone. Is it possible to go a day without art? Without the visual stimulation, without the auditory stimulation, of music? It’s likely possible, though would be difficult and would make for, in my opinion, a bland day.

It has been proven that creating art is therapeutic for those going through emotional or physical distress. Art is practiced at a young age to further creativity and many artists will tell you that making art, creating music, fashion, cooking, etc. is their sanity. The outlet for other things in life, most often self-expression.

During a time, when we are staying home more and engaging less with family and friends, art is keeping us going. It’s motivating, connecting and entertaining us, as well as creating a sense of normalcy, in a less the normal world. In some cases, art is used for social justice and to vocalize opinions on difficult subjects.

If you think that art doesn’t influence your day to day life, I challenge you to take note of how much art, visual or otherwise, that you interact with, for just one day. Art makes the world a better place, it bridges all types of boundaries, it connects people worldwide, it is an outlet for creativity and personally I wouldn’t want to exist in this world without it.


Chris Carr was born in North Carolina, but has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 20 years. He’s always felt a drive to create, and has done so via many outlets and mediums, but it was photography that captured and held his attention.

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