Protecting Art While Traveling to Shows and Events

Protecting Art While Traveling to Shows and Events

In addition to dealing with bad weather, an issue that artists who participate in shows and events have to deal with regularly is protecting art while traveling. Scratches, dings, dents, folds, tears, punctures, and other damage can easily occur at any time while loading, transporting, or unloading artworks from a vehicle.

Making your own adequately padded protective travel bags prevents this from happening. Sure, you can also buy them for any size art, but I prefer to make them myself.

I’ve found bubble wrap and reflective padded insulation to be the best materials for this purpose. Both can be purchased affordably in rolls of varying widths and lengths and cut to fit any size art you have. The only other supplies you need are heavy tape to seal the sides and Velcro strips to create a sealable flap that keeps the art from sliding out of the bag. Blankets and bungee chords work well too, but sometimes lack enough padding for reliable protection.

When you first start out as an artist, you might not realize the importance of protecting art while traveling to art fairs and other events. But after damaging a piece or two of your work in transit, you’ll make it a priority. I unfortunately had to learn this lesson the hard way, so I’m hoping to spare others the same heartbreak by raising awareness of the issue and offering a simple solution.

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Chris Carr was born in North Carolina, but has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 20 years. He’s always felt a drive to create, and has done so via many outlets and mediums, but it was photography that captured and held his attention.

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