Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!

Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!

I think we can all agree that saying goodbye to 2020 was something that we all enjoyed; most of us immensely. Starting 2021 was even more exciting; new year, new opportunities and hopefully an opportunity for me to get back to art shows and in person events again.  

Well, we are starting April and so far, I haven’t had any in person art shows or events, so I am feeling a little Déjà vu. Art shows are coming back at a slow crawl, though not for any of the shows that I participate in.   Right now, what is keeping me going is the planning of events, later this year. Lately though, it seems like each week I receive another update that an event is postponing or canceling. For someone that in 2019, traveled a third of the year, this has been a total 180 and a drastic change. I recognize though that this last year or so has been a change for all of us and that sometimes change is needed.  

So, with all of that time not driving, visiting new cities and being at art shows; what I have been up to? I have been making new art! Check out my social media to follow along with my new 3-D work. I have also been making frames for my art; to really finish the look and I’ve completed a lot of personal projects, to my home and studio.  

The time off has been great for allowing me to really focus on my art, so I don’t mean to make it sound like it has been too bad. I’m just a person that does better when I am traveling, talking art and meeting new people. I cannot wait to be back at it again and fingers crossed, I will have my first show since early 2020; this month in Huntsville, AL. I love Rocket City, so if you are in the area, please come see me at Panoply.  

Hoping 2021 is an amazing year for all of us and that we are just getting a late start at it! 


Chris Carr was born in North Carolina, but has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 20 years. He’s always felt a drive to create, and has done so via many outlets and mediums, but it was photography that captured and held his attention.

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