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Space Shuttle

Created: January, 2016

Awards Received

  • Merit Award for Brush with Success at Art Gallery of Viera | Details

Featured in the Following Exhibits

  • – 1st Thursday at Orlando Museum of Art – Declaration of the Mind: Art and Philosophy, Orlando, FL, August 2016
  • – 1st Thursdays at the Hyatt Regency Winter 2016-2017 Exhibition, Orlando, FL, November 2016 - February 2017
  • – Abstraction, Observation & Reflection at Gallery at Avalon, Orlando, FL, March - April 2016
  • – Puddle Reflections Solo Exhibit at Guava Tree Gallery, Orlando, FL, September 2016
  • Brush with Success at Art Gallery of Viera | Details
  • Lake Mary Museum’s Annual Local Artists Exhibit | Details

Artist's Inspiration

I took this photo in January 2016 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, a place I frequently visit, being a space and astronomy enthusiast. At the time, my mother was visiting, and we took her to KSC for her first time. I was inspired by the beauty and complexity of our space program and wanted to capture some of the awe it creates in so many people. For this image, I used the water on top of a saucer-sized manhole cover as the canvas to capture the reflection of the space shuttle.

One of the coolest things has been having several people who used to work for the shuttle program purchase this image and share their personal stories of working for the program. One buyer’s brother even flew into space twice.

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