Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air
Created: 2015

Featured in the Following Exhibits

  • – My Favorite Art Show at Dandelion Cafe, Orlando, FL, June - July 2017 | Details
  • – Abstraction, Observation & Reflection at Gallery at Avalon, Orlando, FL, March - April 2016

Artist's Inspiration

This image was captured just a couple of doors down from my house. While outside finishing up some yard work, I noticed the unique color of this late summer sunset. It was much different from the summer sunsets we’d been having, and the color made me think of the transition from summer to fall. The dead leaf added to this idea, so I focused the shot on it to symbolize this change.

In this shot, color and mood help make up for less detail than many of my photos feature. When I look back at shots from this day, I see my neighbor park in front of his house and get out of his car; also, in the lower corner of a few shots, he’s looking at me, wondering what I’m doing. That’s pretty common when I’m out and about, down on the ground among the puddles.

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