Blue & Pink Fall Sunset

Blue & Pink Fall Sunset
Created: 2015

Featured in the Following Exhibits

  • – Summer Exhibition 2017 at Art Gallery at Mills Park, Orlando, FL, July - September 2017 | Details
  • – Puddle Reflections Solo Exhibit at Guava Tree Gallery, Orlando, FL, September 2016
  • – 1st Thursday at Orlando Museum of Art – Declaration of the Mind: Art and Philosophy, Orlando, FL, August 2016
  • – Photo Independent, Los Angeles, CA, May 2016
  • – Abstraction, Observation & Reflection at Gallery at Avalon, Orlando, FL, March - April 2016

Artist's Inspiration

One day back in the fall of 2015, there was so much color in the sky at sunset that I felt compelled to capture it. It was a day when I was feeling particularly happy and creative. I took this shot not far from my home. When I encountered the combination of shallow water and grass rising up from it, I was struck by how perfectly the elements created a surreal world; I’m heavily influenced by surrealism.

This image is a fan favorite and has been a centerpiece in my art show booth many times. It’s been amazing to see how reliably it triggers wonder and awe at its beauty in onlookers.

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