Coping with the Weather at Outdoor Art Shows

Coping with the Weather at Outdoor Art Shows

Being an artist that participates in outdoor shows, one of the biggest things you contend with is the weather.

If you patronize art shows, you probably choose to go in good weather and don’t think much—or at all—about the artists being set up in objectionable conditions. Art festivals occur rain or shine, though (unless you have particularly severe weather).

I’ve been in shows in all sorts of conditions, from the most perfect of days, freezing cold, in drizzling rain, to thunderstorms with flooding. You might think that being a Florida-based artist, I mostly encounter ideal weather, with some heat and humidity mixed in. Heat is par for the course and expected here, so it’s not something I’d even include on my list of outdoor conditions that artists deal with. Of all of the different types of weather I’ve experienced, I’d say rain is the worst.

Obviously, water isn’t good for art. My tent, walls, and storage containers are all set to deal with moisture, but art is not. Often, art shows are held in streets or parks, which can experience flooding and/or lots of dirt and mud. Rain is unpredictable, and often arrives more quickly than you can prepare, so you have to adapt and adjust. On rare occasions, no matter what you do, you end up with damaged pieces. I have luckily only had this happen a few times. Most times you just pick things up off the ground and wait the weather out.

The weather has had some type of impact during at least half the shows I’ve done. There are few indoor art shows, so if you’re an artist who participates in shows, you’ll likely encounter difficult weather at some point in your career. Hopefully, you have had a great show anyway and can laugh about it later with those who experienced it too. Such is the life of an artist…

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Chris Carr was born in North Carolina, but has lived in Orlando, FL for more than 20 years. He’s always felt a drive to create, and has done so via many outlets and mediums, but it was photography that captured and held his attention.

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